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Neuro Fitness Training is personal and tailor made

Neuro Fitness Training provides personal solutions for people who are working under high pressure in small, medium and large enterprises. The program is a solution for problems you will face in doing your work. The focus is aimed on stress reduction, concentration improvement and peak performance.

If you have to deal with stress issues

The multi disciplinair approach provides a total solution to conquer stress, for yourself or your employees. read more

If you want to increase your concentration and focusing

The attention and concentration training will lead towards an increase your concentration span and an increase in productivity together with a higher level of wellbeing. read more

If you want to perform with ease

Your achievement or your employers achievement will raise by the advanced brain training. As a top performer you  deserve the treatment of a top athlete read more

This post is also available in nederlands.

Neuro Fitness Training is a trade name of Mindfactory which is registered under number 32096165 in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce Gooi- en Eemland, VAT Number NL1731.64.444.B.01