Basic Intensive

In two months (recovering to) a relaxed and stable brain

The basic-training for a relaxed and stable brain in three intensive days spread over a period of two months. Settle in a complete accompanied Neurofitness arrangement with a resourceful diet. On a pleasant location you are refreshing, relaxing, and exercising your brain in three core areas:

  1. Core Stabilizer – The standard protocol to stabilize and relax the autonomous nervous system.  It’s essential for stress-reduction and body and mind stability. It’s a way to exercise the stress out of your body.
  2. Peak Performance – A special protocol that let you exercise your brain to gain peak performance to work effortlessly and quickly. You will stay energized longer because de frontal areas of your brain, responsible for performance, will work more efficient.
  3. Focus Attention – By exercising the brain areas, responsible for focus and attention, you will raise the capacity to concentrate and to endure.

How the Basic Intensive training works

When you decide to follow this Intensive, we will make an appointment to have an interview and a qEEG brain-scan in advance. Furthermore you will get an extensive questionnaire to get an image of your brain functioning.

The interview, brain scan and questionnaire are the basis for a customized scheme of protocols that is suitable for your brain.

Besides that you will get advise about nutrition and specific supplements that support you in the preparation for the training. You will take these supplements like top athletes preparing themselves for a sporting achievement. If needed and suitable you will get a hart coherence tool on loan to prepare yourself for the training. You will exercise 15 minutes on a daily basis.

Tasks and exercising in between

During the period in between the intensive days, you will get tasks to practice what you have learned. Besides that, it is essential for the process to continu exercising by help of a mobile device for at least 20 minutes on a daily basis.

During the intensive you will get personal coaching on leadership and empathy skills, or another subject if needed. The day planning will be from early morning till the evening. The interval will be once per month during a period of approximately two months and the day-program will look like the scheme below:

Day program

  • 09.00u – 09.30u : Physical Training
  • 09.30u – 10.30u : Neurofeedback
  • 10.30u – 11.30u : Coaching
  • 11.30u – 12.00u : Coffee
  • 12.00u – 13.00u : Coaching
  • 13.00u – 14.30u : Lunch
  • 14.30u – 15.30u : Neurofeedback
  • 15.30u – 17.00u : Coaching
  • 17.00u – 18.00u : Relaxation
  • 18.00u – 19.30u : Dinner
  • 19.30u – 20.30u : Neurofeedback
  • 20.30u – 21.30u : Meditation

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