About Neuro Fitness

Intensive Braintraining under personal guidance

Neuro Fitness Training is a program that works with modern technology and methods out of the nowadays celbiology and psychology. During a personal guided intensive training you will work focused at the vitality of your brain, body and mind. For the brain we will use EEG-neurofeedback, biofeedback and hart coherence training. For the body we will use knowledge out of cell biology and the study of movement. For the mind we will use Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Transactional Analysis (TA) and Systemic Work (Family Constellations).

Why Neuro Fitness Training works

Neuro Fitness Training aims on training towards a vital brain on three levels; neuro-fysiology, cel-biology and psychology.

Training on Neuro-fysiology

By Neuro Fitness Training, your brain will become more resilient, because of the simple fact that the necessary neurological paths will be formed. Your brains capacity literally will expand. We will train the neuro-fysiology by neurofeedback braintraining. We will train the parasympathetic neuronetwork by hart coherence training. And will train other biological parameters like skin-resistance, muscle tension and body temperature by bio-feedback training read more

Training on Cel-biology

A brain stretched to the edges of its capacity asks a lot on the level of cell metabolism. It’s like a Formule-one engine demanding a lot from the fuel system to perform. Training at the level of cell biology means aiming at the processes of cell metabolism in our body. By adjusting our nutritional patterns on the needs of our body, we can raise the metabolism to an optimal pattern. Practically spoken this will mean a healthy diet and specific nutritional supplements (on a temporary basis) to create a new balance.

Training on Psychology

Increasing self-knowledge, developing efficient and effective coping strategies and a firm personal vision, it will become more easy to transfer challenging situations towards constructive solutions. Training on a psychological level generally means being aware of our psychological processes and learn to control them. It means awareness of our automatic responses at the of behavior, emotions and thoughts. If we know these patterns, we will exercise wholesome patterns and interrupt unwholesome patterns. We will do this work by NLP, TA, Systemic Work, Mindfulness, etc.

This post is also available in nederlands.

Neuro Fitness Training is a trade name of Mindfactory which is registered under number 32096165 in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce Gooi- en Eemland, VAT Number NL1731.64.444.B.01